Time in the Wild

by Old Hundred

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Old Hundred is Blake, Nate, Jon, Hal, and Gordy


released September 1, 2012

All songs written by Old Hundred

Recorded at 3 Elliott Studio Athens, OH
Engineered by Josh Antonuccio with assistance from Travis Lautenschlager
Mixed by Josh Antonuccio - Produced by Josh Antonuccio and Old Hundred

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Design and Layout by Holly Beal
Photos by Patience Livermore


all rights reserved



Old Hundred Columbus, Ohio

We play "artful folk-rock – combining the wistful grace of Wilco, the snappy forward motion of Spoon, and the lilting harmonies of Fleet Foxes". We're influenced by grunge, folk, and Americana.

Paste Magazine’s listed us as one of the “10 Ohio Bands You Should Listen to Now”. Columbus Underground voted us the “Best Band in Columbus” in 2010.

We play around the midwest. We love making music
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Track Name: If It's Heavy
We can take a break, if you want to
Take a little rest if you need
If it’s heavy put it down in the soft leaves
Listen to the wind in the trees
I said take another step, if you want to
Take deeper breath if you need
Look into the sky, past the red leaves
Listen to the wind in the trees
A quiet little place we can run to
Sunlight on my face, like I need
It’s gone without a trace, in a daydream
A note without a place that I sing
We can take break
Take a little rest
If it’s heavy put it down in the soft leaves
Listen to the wind in the trees
Track Name: Down on Union
Head at your feet, you’re falling asleep in the underground
Crowding the yards and counting the stars in the afterthought
Wake with the party, drown with the conscious tic of the tongue
I’m on the sidewalk wishing I was
Washington or Jefferson or Hamilton
I’ll take you back to the latter days
The joy parade, the candy taste
All red and white - a seeing eye
Open the pawnshop, hock your songbirds, your dogs in drag
Open the sky, the vulture eye is closed for now
And you’ve caught the ears of everyone up with
Your holy dream, your Hollywood, your Union Street
Your commune in the old neighborhood
My teeth are wood. My hair is gone
But both my lungs are going strong
I know it now. I did it all in my head
I know what you are
I know what you are
Down on Union
Track Name: I Can See It Coming
Down every street, down every block
I get behind the ticking clock
The light will set me running
I can see the sun, I can see it coming
When we were young our father said
“It’s in your heart, not in your head
That’s just a river running.”
Around the bend, I can see it coming
I found a job across the tracks
I break the bank, I break the back
I will, I will keep running
Another day - I can see it coming
Now I’m there all day and I don’t know why
This little life it don’t seem mine
I’m holding on to nothing
But you and a song, a song I’m humming
It goes “All good things they come in twos
And baby I’m in love with you”
A little luck could set us running
I can see, I can see it coming
Track Name: Resting Days
Spring is arriving with its longer days
Will you pass the evening hour with me?
I know the promise of the better days
I meet the sunset with a steady gaze
And the kinder times commence
Cars pass slowly when dark skies emerge
But the trees are blossoming
A tattered loveseat on a windowed porch
Sit beside me and we’ll watch the storm
There’s no gain in worrying
The clouds roll in, the thunder claps like a gun in the night
The gusting wind brings stinging rain,
Sorrow passes like a ghost in the night
But she and I, we’re safe upon the higher ground
The better days are knowing what we have right now
She said “I love you in a hundred ways”
And “I will need you till my resting day”
Will you pass the evening hour with me
Track Name: Vanity!
As one dies so does the other – Vanity
I have devised many schemes
I eat and drink whatever, I eat
and drink forever – Vanity
I have devised many schemes
My head’s on tight. Oh baby, I saw the light – Vanity!
I have devised many schemes
O my time above
O my mind my love
O my time my love
Belong to me now
As one dies so does the other
Track Name: Gun to Your Head
You put it back to your head, I knew you would
Take another ride, take your time, to feel so good
Pray to be revived - among the clouds
There’s a bullet in the chamber, a lie, you feel so proud
Look me in the eyes, I’m your fool
Do these four walls and my weary calls feel like home to you?
Strange where we’ve arrived - you’re a man alone
Standing on the side of the road, boxing shadows
Strange that I don’t cry, when you’re shaking in your sleep
But baby, you’re the ground shifting underneath my feet
It’s strange where we’ve arrived, where I don’t understand you or trust what you say
It’s strange it was disguised, but I see it today and it’s breaking my heart
The gun to your head is the gun to my head
Why can’t you get right?
Track Name: Hospital Hill
When I was young and she was well
We all lived together on hospital hill
She charted the stars, I dragged her around
We all fell asleep with the house burning down
I know something I know nothing at all
I woke up in the kitchen to whistles and bells
We raised seven children and gave them all hell
You in your nightgown and me out to sea
Our mother the mountain rolled us to sleep
I know something I know nothing at all
I climb up her back and stand straight and strong
I didn't love you then but I sure love you now
We all lived together on hospital hill
When she was young and I was well
I know something I know nothing at all
Track Name: By the Lake
You could talk me into anything
The sound I heard in your voice was infinity
Composed and crafted your words, like a symphony
A bow on a string cuts the air with its melody, a remedy, soothing me
I cried last night wishing you were real
Cause I was a better man when I used to feel
The ghost, the god, the man, our purity
The trees the sky and the plan were calamity, forgive me, I cannot see
Brother, are we redeemed?
Bury my bones by the lake and wash your hands clean
Sister, are we redeemed?
Pray my soul leaves the ground and wash your hands clean
Who will speak for me?
I cut out my tongue with a knife - it’s no good to me
And who will see for me?
I plucked out my eyes for my pride - it’s a reckoning, a cleansing, for all I’ve seen
Sister, are we revealed?
Track Name: Holy Ghost Club
She takes the high ground
I’m crawling up the hill, looking for a war
We could tear it all down
With one drive through town
With one drive into the country
She shows me a place
Where her mama used to dance, up on Sodom Road
All the names carved in wood
She says, “If you could only see what I see”
Hosanna baby
“But would you care if, would you care if we are poor?”
I’m lost in this city
I’m growing old in the rag and bone
I’ve been losing hands
I will leave my demands on this street
Hosanna baby
Take me out to the Holy Ghost Club
Show me a good time
Track Name: Strange Visitors
Red records spin and catch you again
She's sitting there in her softest grin
In suits and ties without asking why
A forgotten tune in the other room
When you wait in the face of fate
And place your hands on the pearly gates
When memories fade in a frozen haze
When you are lonely think of these waking days
And I was blind - to the sun unkind
The dust and wind turned the heat on again
The brightest blue and thoughts of you
Are running dreams and burning through
Move to and fro to a place unknown
And leaving friends to start again
The pulling south - like a gaping mouth
Belonging here to the end of years
Track Name: Country Man
Oh. I’m in the country
I’m on a highway of cheap redemption
Outta here
The depression’s on
The depression is on
Governor stalls
O Lord
This confession is shit
Well it takes a drink or two
To spit it out
There was a girl
With eyes like UFOs
I said, “Do I know you?”
She said, “No”
“Well I’m a country man”
And I believe that it’s on
Yes I believe that it’s on
O Lord
This confession is done
Well it was nothing, now I’m through
I spit it out, yeah, I let it out
My blood and bones
We call back home
We must have seen the ten thousand things
The ten thousand things
Yeah, I must have seen but I don’t know
I don’t know
Track Name: Junebug
There’s a lonely stretch of road
Between Michigan and Ohio
Where we’re leaving what we’ve known behind
Searching for the life that we might find
Moonlight from the evening sky
Lights the road as cars pass by
Our two souls are moving on
We’ll leave the valley
For the mountain
We’ll find ourselves a wondrous view
Where I will stay with you
The wheels turn on 475
Life is passing by
Our two souls are moving on
You’re so sick of feeling trapped
And I’m so tired of where I’ve been
But we’re moving on together
And you can drive or I can drive
But we’re going on together

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